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When you look at the Moon

When you look at the Moon, the Moon looks at you.

It gazes at you and recognizes your emotions, desires, and tides.

It observes and acknowledges its daughter, for she is your mother.

The Moon believes in you, just as you believe in her.

When you see her radiant and full of life, she looks at you in the same way.

You make a wish, to be guided through the dark nights.

Those in which uncertainty fills the streets of your mind with fog.

Fog that ultimately brightens with the same light of the Moon.

Then you turn your gaze towards her: powerful, present, and mighty.

But what do you believe when you see her?

Do you believe more in her than in yourself?

If you only knew that when you see her, you are seeing yourself.

Your eyes were gifted to see her, as many eyes are in nature.

Because the eyes that see the Moon are eyes designed by her.

We are children of the Earth.

We are the Earth looking at the Moon.

Our Mother Earth is the throne, and the cosmos our divine crown.

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