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Daniel Q'illaw: Bio

My name is Daniel Q'illaw (keeh-yao), and I write to understand my Self and the Universe around me better.


After migrating from Lima to Chicago at the age of 11, I went through various life changes that defined who I am today. Starting with leaving behind a collective community in Lima, to integrating myself into an individualistic one in the Midwest, my communication methods were influenced in ways where emotions were louder than words. Here I aim to finally let my words and emotions meet halfway. As it turns out, my best writings come straight from the heart.

My intention is to create a space for the philosophy of wellness. In my 8 years of experience as a health educator, clinical research assistant, medical interpreter, corporate wellness strategist, and health tech executive, I have longed to be able to contribute to the healing of people from all backgrounds at varying capacities.

Through these writings, I introduce my philosophy on cosmology, spirituality, psychology, and health. I focus on the primordial concepts of gratitude, love, faith, grief, and wellness. The last one being my profession, I find it important to continue developing the nexus between health and philosophy.


This philosophy of health will be broken down into the main categories:


  • Faith Accepts: writings on strengthening faith, to endure the uncertain.

  • Love Bestows: writings on the all-giving nature of love, to remember that to love is never to receive, but to give.

  • Gratitude Transforms: writings on practicing gratitude in the now, to shift prayer and intention into acceptance of what we are and what we have today.

  • The Self Heals: writings on health and wellness, to reduce our needs back to the primordial healing force of being.

  • El niño habla: my most intimate writings coming from the source of my voice, the inner child.


My purpose is to shine a light on views that have helped me process the vicissitudes of time. Hopefully, you get a chance to connect with these writings and heal through them. I would find it fulfilling if any of these posts help you process what you may be going through at the moment.


Yours in Health,

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