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Waiting for a miracle

What are miracles, if not chains of events that lead up to bigger, unforeseeable happenings affecting our human lives?

I believe miracles happen multiple times a second, all around us. Our eyes and senses can only perceive a few of them while we are looking for their material manifestation, but miracles happen through the unseen - through emotions and shared love. We have to be very attentive to them if we want to see them happen. Like shooting stars.

My family has been looking for a miracle to happen back in Lima, Peru. Something that shows up in the next oxygen reading that will make a doctor say, "This is incredible." But we need to remember that miracles have been taking place at every second in the last 11 days of this battle against COVID-19.

A miracle happened when a neighbor didn't hesitate and helped carry an oxygen tank up to the second floor. A miracle happened when a nurse saw her own father reflected on mine and gave him the care she knew he needed. A miracle happened when a friend showed up and made us laugh - helping us take a fresh breath of air in the midst of despair.

In the natural world, miracles happen when a rock learns a new formation thanks to the air that touches it. Cosmic love brought that air closer to the rock. When soil revives - thanks to the nutrients from an animal that chooses to rest its delicate, failing body and takes its last breath prior to becoming part of a new ecosystem. Cosmic love brought that animal into the soil for renewed opportunities.

We, humans, are also influenced by everything that takes part in our material and spiritual ecosystem. Thank you all for being part of that ecosystem. Your words, your love, and your positive thoughts are all influences for the miracles we are looking for.

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