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Mother land

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Mother, you have given birth to me, and have seen me grow in resonance with your creation.

In resonance with the quivering of the leaves, and the birds’ maneuvers as they rest on top of the tree

In resonance with the same wind that ties these siblings of the same ecosystem.

Mother, you have given birth to me here on earth, and have brought light to my name.

Now that my senses are deeper, I see the smoke on your skin, beloved mother.

It seems there is a spontaneous fire that caresses your beautiful complexion.

It seems you raised children who are exploiting you, and violating your wealth.

Now that you have children who call you mother land, without knowing that before all this you were called mother earth.

Do you remember what we called you more than half a century ago? There is memory living inside you, pacha mama.

Encoded memory in the spirit of your creation.

Memory in the lament of your guitarras criollas. Memory in the thunder of your African cajónes.

Do you remember how all things beautiful were born in integration? We forgot, and now we live in separation.

I, your son and prophet in a distant land, still remember very well where you and I came from.

I see you in the healing of the world, in its therapies, and its miracles.

I see you in systems that many would like to have, but that few within your land risk touching.

I, your son, offer you my life so that we can be born again.

I give you my hands. Let's teach your children that there is light on the other side of this shadow.

We are all in a process of long night, and the snake still bites its own tail.

We are daydreaming, waiting to meet from within the spirit.

I give you my feet. Guide me to the next person who needs your shelter.

Mother earth, today in this new moon, I celebrate you for another cycle of love and understanding.

Manifest yourself, and remind your children that there is no separation between your earthly womb and what we are.

Mother land, today on July 28, I celebrate you for another year of total integration.

Manifest yourself, and show the world that your wealth is in the diversity of our spirit.

We will all be reborn through you, mother, and when we do, we will have a greater memory of what we were, what we are, and what we will become.

Thank you.

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