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How may I reach you?

How may I reach you?

You, who are a beautiful island,

Surrounded by an ocean of radiant joys.

How do I navigate amidst the frenzy of your waves?

You decide whether I float or sink in your abundant salty waters.

My father Sun tells me you're in the west,

Far away, but waiting for the long night,

The night that would deserve us with its warm breezes,

Scent of rain, splendor of stars.

I see you in my dreams as a migrant

Arriving in a new land, under a promise that wouldn't be fulfilled,

But within its surroundings, my life would change.

I miss you, like that dream with a promise of happiness.

How can I reach there?

Where you sit, under the light away from home,

There I want to be still with you.

The silence of the trees, our only shelter.

My midnight Moon, waxing,

Almost full, because that's how you like it,

Not too overflowing, nor beyond yourself.

Whisper of your spirit, calling you aware.

I love you like the Sun loves the clouds,

Observing the constant change of your forms.

I love you like a language I barely understand,

But that in a short time would become different.

Convince me with your phases, your changes, and your caresses.

Wrap me up and don't let me believe I've arrived,

Don't allow me to think that I've succeeded.

Because to love you, I need multiple cycles of life.

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