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Children of prophets

We are children of prophets and prophetesses.

Prophets of yesterday and today, who with their spiritual eyes discern the events of tomorrow.

Prophetesses with black and copper skin, who under sacred anointing wield extraordinary veils, and behold the changing world.

Time and space change for our parents and ancestors. Many of them emigrated from their lands and were honored as prophets of distant soil.

Through dreams, they reveal to us a world they knew, remote from ours.

They guide us in astral paths, to the depths of weightless air and the surfaces of dense water, as if saturated with salt.

In this ancestral world, we neither die nor drown. We are both air and water, for our bodies do not begin or end with flesh.

We are guided by symbols of loved ones, who in dreams indicate that our words and emotions are not projected onto others or ourselves, but dissipate into the entire universe.

That is why when I see your eyes and love you in a dream, it is not you whom I love, but the universe in the form of you that I covet.

We are children of prophets who are still alive, who struggle for the balance of their sacred knowledge and their ego. Their presence helps us reflect on who we are and where we began this process. The older they become, the more we cherish them.

We are children of prophets, whom we care for like children. It is a divine reciprocity, for we were once children with them, and with the passage of time, they are children with us.

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