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Dilated Pupils

My favorite memories with you reside in the cosmos. They happen at night when, with a backdrop of stars in the distance, your eyes follow me and aim directly at mine.

Inevitable - those eyes are like comets.

They aim directly to my world. Do I refuse or do I surrender?

If I abide, they’d collapse and tear apart a piece of me. They would provoke a new moon to arise into my orbit. A new moon - renderer of my emotions.

Or should I ignore them?

As if I could ignore two of the most beautiful stars. Those dilated pupils. Reflections of my soul, a captive in your universe.

I have lived in all kinds of microcosms, and yet I would love to still visit yours.

I can only ask you, the Sun, and the Moon, for precious patience.

For today, I must tidy up my stars.

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