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Love is a Continuum

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Every time we are in love, we are living without limitations to time or space. Many of the other moments in our lives end up turning into vague memories of the past, yet the moments we are immersed in pure love we are living through immortal memories.

This is why it's impossible to say that someone "used to love us." Every memory rooted in love carries within itself an infinite soul impression of the person we shared love with. Whenever we are in the process of remembering that moment of love, we are still being loved - there is no exclusivity to the past.

We may detach from the person that gave us that love, but our memories are connected through these shared moments of bliss. As such, love is a connection that, much like blessings, passes through you and lives through you.

Love is, then, not only an infinite moment captured in memory; it is also a force that transcends us.

The soul, the ultimate carrier and enjoyer of love, does not fit within the dimension of time. It only nurtures itself in that infinite continuity that is the state of loving.

Do you remember, love?

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