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A special anniversary

“If I go into the place in myself that is love, and you go into the place in yourself that is love, we are together in love.” - Ram Dass

In the midst of a pandemic, Steph and I got to explore the depths of each other’s hearts and minds, allowing our love to grow stronger than ever before in our almost 9 years together. Though separate from most family and friends for many celebrations, we were together, in love. Traditions were created, memories were made, and there was a realization that perhaps this was the beginning of something new.

After the year we had, 2021 brought in that newness, inspiration, and a bit of spontaneity.

“We can still claim our ground in these times. Outside, things are uncertain, but in this safe space that is home, we’ve created something strong enough to face whatever happens. We can be the boulder in the river."

"So, let’s get married. Let’s do this for us now, and when the outside heals, we’ll be ready to celebrate with our loved ones.”

So, together in love, that January we decided that this 9-year anniversary was going to be the most special one by far. Thus began the planning for our secret and special anniversary on February 20 '21. We gathered the necessary details: The rings, an officiant, and two dear friends, who were surprised by the news of being called to become Maid of Honor and Best Man.

We threw in our personal touches: A favorite place, a week of DIY decor projects, and the perfect outfits. Then, after seemingly endless days of snowfall, February 20 '21, arrived, full of sunshine and all of 23 degrees - the perfect day for a tiny secret Chicago winter wedding.

A photographer captured our love in special places around the city we love. Potentially stressful moments turned into funny memories - like making several U-turns driving through downtown on our way to the ceremony and arriving to pick up a cake that was actually never made. Wedding traditions were improvised. Love flowed through each and every moment, and we celebrated this 9-year anniversary together, fully, in love.


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